Lovely 16-bit stories were left behind. The game industry intends to show entire universes full of adventure. And if you want to become a Hero or lord of the ocean, just download a game based on myths. How about being in the shoes of a ninja? Oh, we’re all for it! Let’s help you easily arrange a Japanese-style vendetta in the vastness of your beloved universe!

Below are the best PC games that will brighten up even the spoiled gamer’s evening.

The best PC games

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Premiere : 6 September 2019

Why you need to pay attention.

Large open world.

Different game modes.

The proximity of the main buildings – you don’t have to run aimlessly around the map.

This is a mega add-on to the base game Monster Hunter World. In the DLC version, gamers expect a new region, more than three dozen new opponents and a noticeably increased arsenal. All types of weapons came out in new combinations. This will make the game more enjoyable. Similar to Doom Ethereal, a grappling hook has appeared here, allowing you to grab onto monsters. But not to kill, but to use it as a vehicle.

If you want fierce battles, you can play in the “master” mode: here you will have to fight not only with enemies, but also with the weather. Here the winter is so severe that in no time you lose your stamina, not having time to leave the camp.


The gaming city of Seliana has become more convenient than the classic Astera. There are two “chips”.

In flat architecture.

And nearby key points that are located nearby. This makes it easier to pump basic parameters.

Blacksad: Under the Skin

The release took place: November 5, 2019

What is interesting about the game:

unusual setting;

you can play as an anthropomorphic cat;

excellent detective.

An interactive quest based on the popular BlackSad comic, where the main characters are anthropomorphic (human-like) animals. The story is set in the 50s of the twentieth century and tells about the detective cat John Blacksad. Together with his daughter, he is investigating a group murder. The victims are the owner of the boxing club and his assistant.

All events are based on the original source, so the game is a real canon. Blacksad is definitely worth considering due to the variety of heroes. And a calm jazz soundtrack, successfully fitting into the gloomy dystopian world built by the creators. There will be no explosive action, but the atmosphere of darkness of human relationships captivates even notorious cynics.

The game is available for all major platforms including Xbox and PlayStation 4.

Red dead redemption 2

Release date: October 26, 2018

Why pay attention:

It’s the brainchild of Rockstar;

A large and at the same time lively open world;

The atmosphere of the “Wild West “.

This game managed to become a “cult” game in less than a year, because it mixed the culture of the wild west and the audacity of Rockstar.

As in GTA V , there is both a single storyline and a multiplayer online mode, which allows you to “go hunting” for bad guys, run away from feds with thugs and rob the rich with whole gangs. Also, the authors of the game did not forget about the graphics: having seen the degree of elaboration of every little thing, gamers understood why the development was delayed for as much as 5 years.

The game itself combines an open world, many activities and detailed elaboration of both the main plot and side missions. That is why it is always in the top 5 rating of the best computer games of the XXI century. To understand this decision of the critics, it is enough to play RDR 2 for less than an hour: then even the most ardent opponent of action games will become a fan of this game.

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries

Premiere Date: Dec 10, 2019

Why you should play:

futuristic setting;

combines elements of a shooter and strategy;

unique game mode.

First-person shooter where the gamer can feel like a fighting robot! Events take place in 3015 – during the third galactic War of the Succession. Players will be the operator of special robots. But this is not a soulless “shooter”! In the course of the plot, you will have to choose contracts, earn money in order to discover new details, and even have time to move up the career ladder.

The cannons of combat robots are capable of destroying entire cities with one salvo. And the intricate system of organizing mercenaries will allow players to weave intrigues among the representatives of the highest echelon of power.

Also, the toy has an unusual collective mode. Instead of fighting robots, players will be able to create a special “room” where they will fight against each other.

Surely, such a game was expected by those who were fond of robots and war games in childhood. Here, it happened! Now a gambling person can feel like a general of the intergalactic army! Well, to feel like an airplane pilot in reality, you can purchase the 2E GC25 Black / Red gaming chair : it will be a faithful companion both in space battles and in remote office work.

Need for speed heat

Release date : 8 November 2019

Why is it worth downloading.

Part of the most iconic racing universe.

New control modes.

The lack of microtransactions is unheard of for EA Games.

Harsh cops. VERY harsh.

Continuation of the racing saga: this time – in hot Miami. Gamers are waiting for crazy races on the roads, escapes from the police and incredible variations for car customization. The police have become angrier – they have nowhere to hide from. They will follow on the heels of the player. Even the crash of the billboard and skidding on sharp turns will not help.

Drift has changed. You will have to release the gas before turning and press on it when turning. You can get used to it. But the new control allows you to quickly upgrade the level and pass all the tests on the way.

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