Best Racing Games for pc and Android

5 Best Racing Games for Android

We have listed the 5 best racing games that you can play on your Android phones.

Mobile games are developing more and more every day. We can show PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile as among the biggest examples of this development. But today our topic is different: The best racing games. We have brought together the 5 best racing games you can play on Android platform.

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends, the newest racing game of the Play Store, is one of the most satisfying games in terms of graphics. The game offers a fun racing experience where you have to progress in career mode or (unfortunately) pay money to unlock new cars and upgrade your existing vehicle.

The game, which comes with “TouchDrive” controls by default, offers the chance to focus more on the road by simply steering the steering wheel. Asphalt 9, where you can use the controls you are used to, can be described as the best mobile racing game of today.

Best Racing Games for pc and Android

  1. Red Bull Air Race 2

As the name suggests, Red Bull Air Race 2 is a game based on airplane racing. If you want to fly around the world with realistic graphics and controls, this game is for you. Whether you’re after interesting racing games or someone who dreams of becoming a pilot; You should give this game a chance.

  1. CSR Racing

CSR Racing, where you can do drag races, just wants you to do good gear changes. The game, which does not have to interfere with anything else, differs from other games in this aspect.

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4. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the first choice on the mobile platform for those looking for a realistic racing game. Many vehicles that you can use in real life and the game where you can race on real life racetracks, takes its name from these. The fact that vehicles are seriously damaged in the event of an accident and players have to pay repair fees also maximizes realism.

  1. Furious 8 Drag Racing

Furious 8 Drag Racing, the mobile game of the famous action movie Fast and Furious, comes with different races and missions. The game, where you can race with 15 different vehicles on the streets of Miami, is impressive with its realistic graphics. If you like Fast and Furious movies, you are likely to love this game too.

8 Best Racing Games for Pc

Assetto Corsa

This game offers players the most realistic experience among all car racing games. If you have a steering wheel set, you will be surprised how tired you are after touring the set. In addition, there are many vehicle options in the game. The graphics of the game are also very successful, offering great experiences to the players.

2. Burnout Paradise

This game is exactly what those in search of speed and fun want. Even crashes in the game are quite fun. The game takes place in the city. By dealing with other racers, you can keep them behind and go around corners with fun. In the game, the accidents are watched by the players in slow motion. This allows for a visual feast.

3. Dirt Rally

This game was first released for early interaction on Steam. The game got full marks from all racing fans. It is possible to have a fun time in the game, which has very nice graphic designs. It also offers players a very realistic driving experience.


4. Colin McRae Rally 2.0

The game offers the most realistic rally experience you have ever seen. For this reason, it has received full marks from racing games lovers. The vehicles in the game as well as the control feel of the vehicles have been processed quite successfully. For this reason, all the rally games released after him have been compared with this game.

5. Gran Turismo 5

The first game of this series was released on PS 1. There are a lot of vehicle and track options in the game. Game graphics are also very successful. In addition, there are more than 800 vehicle options. The rapleys of the game are also very well designed.

6.Forza Horizon 3

There are over 500 vehicles in the game. There are also very successful rain effects in the game. It is one of the games that deserves game money to the end. Even if you play for hours, there are many more activities you can do in the game.

7. Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge The

game is one of the legendary games of a generation. The game was released when the Amigas were very popular. In addition, even if three-dimensional games were released, this game continued to be played for a long time. You can choose one of three different vehicles in the game, and the tracks go to infinity. Even if you are not old enough to play the Lotus III game, you should definitely try it now.

8. Grand Prix 2

This game had a feature that could be called the first system monster in game history. For the first time in the game, it was understood how difficult the Monaco track was. Grand Prix 2 is arguably the best F1 game of all time.


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