Google launches its video game streaming platform Stadia

Google Stadia is nothing new since the company had officially introduced the gaming platform a few months ago. Although that yes, it did not reveal too much, only the name, part of its operation and its official command. It was necessary to put in order everything necessary to know if it was worth it or not, hence today’s conference was so much awaited.

google stadia

We already know almost everything about Stadia, the irruption of Google in the commercial streaming game. It comes to stand up to gaming consoles and computers (Xbox, PS4 …) and also to other streaming services that are already operational (PlayStation Now, GeForce Now and Microsoft’s future Project xCloud). Arms has more than enough; starting with a good catalog and ending with a fairly tight monthly cost for what it offers.

What is Google Stadia?

Let’s start with the basics since we must define specifically what the new platform means. The idea is that you do not need any high-powered device to play the latest generation titles since Google’s remote servers will be responsible for chewing the games. This implies that they will be able to execute them with the maximum power; ensuring the maximum resolution, a great fps rate and also all the improvements in graphic acceleration. This always in theory.

You will be able to connect to Google Stadia to access in streaming the audio and video of the games that are executed in real time in the remote servers; interacting with these games thanks to a physical controller that you must use with Stadia. The biggest drawback is latency, so you must have a good Internet connection (download and upload, with low latency) to properly enjoy the titles.

The key to Google Stadia is not just that you don’t need a high-potential machine, it’s that you can access the best games with what you already have. Your Android mobile, or a Google Chromecast Ultra, computer, tablet. This implies that you will save a considerable amount of money on equipment and on updating it since Google’s servers will always offer the best quality of the game.

Do I have to buy a controller to play Google Stadia?

You need to have a game controller (or keyboard and mouse) since it is the method of interaction with games and, by extension, with Google servers. Stadia has its own official remote control that can be purchased in the Google store (little by little it will reach other distributors), but it is not mandatory that you have this model: depending on the device where you play Stadia you can use the physical control systems that are compatible . Usually with Bluetooth.


Google Stadia Controller, a controller to play the future of video games

For example, you can use generic physical controls, also the keyboard and mouse of your computer. Of course, the best experience will be offered by the official Google Stadia controller since it is designed to offer maximum compatibility with all the functions of the streaming gaming platform.

How does the Google Stadia subscription service work?

Contrary to what was rumored, Google has not opted for a Netflix subscription system as there will be two separate sections of the catalog. On the one hand, a list of games with a certain age will be available that will be included in the service subscription. There will also be a free , lower-quality streaming subscription (in 2020), but only for purchased games. Stadia is quite similar to GeForce Now : with general access (Pro) there is a list of included titles that is expanding; And anyone can add more games by purchasing them one by one ( GeForce Now adds games purchased from Steam , Uplay, and other digital platforms).

What connection requirements does Google Stadia need?

Since the game is streaming, and the playback reaches up to 4K quality , it is obvious that the Internet connection must be good. If you regularly watch streaming services like Netflix or HBO , and you have no problems playing them, you shouldn’t have them with Google Stadia either .

The minimum specifications that the gaming platform needs are:

10 Mb download and 1 Mb upload minimum and for the lowest quality.

20 Mb of download optimal for playback in 4K, HDR and 5.1 sound; with 35 Mb for the best experience.

It is recommended that the latency be low (below 50 ms).

How much data does Google Stadia consume?

As we have seen, the games would be served in streaming at 60 fps and would arrive with a resolution of up to 4K, it depends on the subscription and network conditions (at a lower speed the resolution is reduced). It is best to play under WiFi as the data consumption will be high. And we already know such consumption.

Here are approximate figures for the data consumed playing Google Stadia titles ( via PC Gamer ):

At 720p the consumption is 4.5 GB per hour.

At 1080p 9GB per hour is consumed.

At 4K, consumption shoots up to 15.75 GB per hour.

What games are on Google Stadia?


Google promised AAA games, and it has. At the moment the catalog is not excessively wide, but it does have titles of enormous quality. The list currently available is as follows:


DOOM Eternal

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Destiny 2

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Baldur’s Gate 3

Metro Exodus




Football Manager 2020

Get Packed

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Crew 2

The Division 2

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Ghost recon breakpoint

Trials Rising


Borderlands 3

Farming Simulator 19

Mortal Kombat 11

Rage 2



Tomb Raider Trilogy

Darksiders genesis

Just Dance 2020

It is not clear yet if these titles will be within the subscription or will have to be purchased separately one by one.

What is the price and availability of Google Stadia?

Google is launching the platform and it is now possible to access the first tests. Stadia will be available in a select number of countries for launch, including Spain. The price is not far too far from what a video streaming service like Netflix is ​​worth: Google Stadia Pro will cost 9.99 euros / dollars per month.

Here are the details of the two ways to access Google Stadia : the paid or Pro service and the free or Base service.

Google Stadia Pro .

Resolution: up to 4K.

FPS: 60.

Audio: 5.1 surround sound.

Access to new free games: yes.

Others: exclusive discounts to purchase paid games.

Google Stadia Base.

Resolution: up to 1080p.

FPS: 60.

Audio: stereo.

Access to new free games: no.

To welcome Stadia, Google has created the Founder’s Edition , a pack to play on the platform that includes everything you need to get started: a Chromecast Ultra, a Stadia controller and three months of access to the Pro subscription service. All for 129 euros /Dollars. Google Stadia opened on November 14 in 14 countries, including Spain (Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, the United States, Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Sweden). On that date only the Pro subscription will be available since free access will not arrive until 2020.

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