Google Stadia cloud gaming can be tested

The Google Stadia gaming service is a cloud gaming platform that allows you to play demanding modern games even on low-end computers and laptops, as well as on TVs and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Yes, this is far from the first attempt to transfer the entire load to the servers and transfer the picture from the game by streaming to client devices. All previous projects of such a plan have failed. But now that digital industry giant Google has taken over, there is no doubt that cloud gaming Stadia will be successful.

This is also confirmed by practice, because the service has already been launched and is working, although it has not yet officially reached us, but this is a matter of the very near future. Those who are not particularly patient can already try it in practice, and then we will tell you how it works and what is needed for this.

System requirements

The service does not make any special requirements for the computer hardware, since the main load falls on the game servers, where enough resources are allocated to each user.

Google Stadia allocated resources

However, there are still certain minimum restrictions imposed on the speed of the Internet, since it is on it that the high load of transferring the image of the game process from the server to the user falls.

cloud gaming

Google Stadia internet requirements

At the same time, it is noted that mobile Internet is not supported regardless of its speed, as it has too high delays. Thus, the Internet connection must be via cable or Wi-Fi using a router.

How the service works

As part of a free or low-cost monthly subscription for $ 10, the user gets access to the entire database of games available on the server. You can start playing free games right away, and paid ones you need to have an official license, but you don’t need to buy an expensive gaming computer or console.

Google Stadia subscriptions

In order to start playing, it is enough to register in the service and subscribe. There is no need to download and install games, they are already installed on the server.

What is required to play

All you need to play on a computer or laptop is a Google Chrome browser and a keyboard and mouse, or the $ 69 Stadia Controller. Also, a branded gamepad can be purchased in conjunction with a Chromecast Ultra device in order to play on any TV with an HDMI connector.

Branded gamepad Stadia Controller

This way you get a cheap gaming console that doesn’t age like a PC or PS and XBOX consoles due to lack of performance. In the founder’s kit, you will receive several games, a premium subscription and a couple more goodies as a bonus.

Google Stadia Founder’s Pack

However, you can also use other alternative gamepads that you already own, or purchase the desired controller separately.

Alternative gamepads for Google Stadia

To play on a tablet or smartphone, you will also need to install the official Stadia app, and you can use the dedicated TouchStadia Chrome extension to control it.

Touch Stadia Chrome Extension

What games are already available

Already in Google Stadia, you can play many popular games, among which there are hits from a series of games such as:

  • Assassin’s creed
  • Borderlands
  • Darksiders
  • Destiny
  • Doom
  • Final Fantasy
  • Metro
  • Mortal kombat
  • Red dead redemption
  • The elder scrolls
  • Tom clancy’s
  • Tomb raider
  • Watch dogs
  • Wolfenstein

And this is not a complete list of series of games that are presented in different parts and will be constantly added.

How to test the service

In principle, you can start testing the service right now without purchasing any additional devices. But there are some nuances, which you can learn in detail about on the Google Stadia website in Russia.

There you will also find a lot of interesting information about this service, a complete list of games, officially supported devices, advice on setting up and using the service, controllers and control methods in games.

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