Google Stadia Controller – Clouds First Gamepad and Console for Gaming

Google unveils a controller dubbed simply Stadia Controller. Aesthetically, she could be the child of an Xbox and PS4 controller. On March 19, 2019, Google decided to “kill the game”, it is a little to say. The US giant has launched Stadia, its gaming service in the cloud. No need for a console or powerful PC, Stadia allows access to the most demanding games directly from the Chrome browser. The French company Shadow has been developing this concept for several years now. But the power of Google could be a real turning point in the history of video games.

google stadia controller

Google Stadia Controller Clouds

You can play via Stadia from a PC, the service is also available from a smartphone, tablet or TV. To play in the best conditions, a controller is essential. Good news, Google launches Stadia Controller. Behind this name is a gamepad inspired by both the Xbox One and PS4. We find the traditional keys: two joysticks, directional keys, action buttons, triggers, a central key to launch the service, an option key, and access to the menu. Google has added two buttons: the first allows one to share live part, the other to access Google Assistant.

Stadia Controller connects to Wifi on the screen on which Stadia is launched. It’s automatic and instantaneous, promises Google. Fun fact: a small diagram on the back of the controller gives a combination of keys giving certainly access to an easter egg.

google stadia gamepad

For the moment, Google has not communicated sales prices. It is not known if the controller will be available for any subscription to the service. We will be sure to clarify when we get information on this. Although no device is needed, Google has announced the Stadia controller. This traditional controller has various traditional buttons, but also an Assistant and Capture button. With the latter button, gameplay images can be captured in 4K. Google Assistant gives gamers the option of starting games via the built-in microphone with voice commands. All other USB controllers, keyboards and mice that can be connected to a PC, laptop or telephone can also be used.

Google Stadia Play together

An important element of Stages is bringing players together. Local multiplayer is thus possible without additional required power because players are all logged in to their own cloud. Every game session that is streamed can contain a link so that viewers can participate in the streamer. Google calls this ‘Crowd Play’. Another option is ‘State Share’, which allows players to share their game, including all found items and lottery tickets, with another player.

google stadia console

Google stadia Games

Google showed Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal as examples. The latter game will also be playable via Stadia. Google has supplied development kits to more than a hundred studios and has also established the first-party studio Stadia Games and Entertainment.

Google already tested game streaming via Project Stream last year. With this test it was possible to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in 1080p and 60 frames per second via a browser. Google announced today that this test was specifically intended to try out Stages.

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