How to download Stadia

After you download the application, turn on the VPN ( VPNHub will do , the region “USA” is set there by default);

Launch Stadia and register in it, following the instructions on the screen;

You can also download Stadia from third-party sources, but you will need an American profile to activate the trial period

Confirm the start of the Stadia Pro trial access (this is where we need an American profile with a linked card, since the subscription fee will be debited from it after the trial period expires);

Complete registration and subscribe to Stadia Pro

If you accidentally leave and do not complete the subscription, you can complete it using this link or do it in advance;

Choose any of the available games, plug in your controller and start playing. Yes, just like that.

What games are in Stadia

There are currently 9 games included in the Stadia Pro subscription package:

Destiny 2: The Collection



SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Serious sam collection


Stachs on tacks


If this is not enough for you, you can play other games that are not included in the subscription. There are about 50 of them, but each of them will have to be purchased separately. Typically, their price ranges from $ 50-120 depending on the novelty. See which ones. Games are available on the site, you can visit the official Stadia website.

How to play Stadia on any smartphone

Due to technical limitations, Google Stadia cannot officially run on other devices, but you can trick the service by using root privileges and the Magisk utility. Thanks to them, Stadia can be played on any device. Since the hacking procedure may differ for each device, we do not provide instructions to avoid confusion. However, remember that by jailbreaking your smartphone, you automatically void your warranty and may get a brick at the exit. And since in the current conditions you are unlikely to find a working service center, you will have to cook with a broken device until May, at best. Therefore, feel free to move on to the next item.

How to play Stadia without a controller

If you don’t have a controller, you can also do without it by using a Google Chrome extension called Touch Stadia.

Open this link in Chrome on your smartphone;

Copy all the text on this page;

Launch Google Stadia in Chrome, then open the context menu and enable the PC version;

You can play Stadia without a controller, but is it necessary?

Now write in the search bar “” (without quotes) and immediately, without putting a space, paste the text that you copied earlier;

You will see the confirmation of pairing with the controller appear in the upper left corner;

Now start any game – all control elements of the controller will be given on the screen in the form of touch buttons.

Is it convenient? Not. After all, no matter how large the screen of your smartphone, it will obviously not be enough to place all the controls of the virtual gamepad so that they do not interfere during the game. However, if you have an Android tablet, in theory this could work for simple games like Grid. So try and share your impressions. Most importantly, don’t forget to cancel your Stadia subscription when you play enough.

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