Last big batch of games for Stadia in late April 2020

The last big batch of games for Stadia was announced on Stadia Connect in late April 2020. Among other things, it was confirmed that EA titles such as FIFA and Madden NFL will appear for Stadia.

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In January 2020, Google had previously announced in the blog post Stadia in the New Year that it would publish a total of over 120 new games on Stadia by the end of the year . In the first half of the year there should be at least 10 games that start exclusively on Stadia.

Google Stadia: cross-play and cross-progression

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In an interview with the Stadia cast podcast, John Justice, Vice-President of Google and Head of Product for Stadia, spoke about cross-play and cross-progression. Accordingly, Google is actively working with developers to make as many games as possible cross-play compatible and also to make game progress synchronizable. Justice did not provide details on titles.

Google itself is very open when it comes to cross-play, which as a newcomer is of course understandable. However, other platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox will not act as cooperatively here because they run the risk of losing users.

Google Stadia: Publisher Subscriptions – Start with Uplay +

In an interview at E3, Stadia boss Phil Harrison announced that game publishers can also offer their own subscription offers on the Stadia platform. This was followed by the announcement of Ubisoft’s new subscription service Uplay +, which should offer access to the publisher’s almost complete games catalogue in the form of over 100 titles. This subscription will start on September 3rd for the PC. The price here is 14.99 euros per month.

In 2020, Uplay Plus will also be available on Google Stadia. Details of the games included and the price on the cloud gaming platform will be announced in advance of the 2020 launch.

Stadia Games and Entertainment: Google Studio develops exclusive games

Along with the Stadia launch at GDC 2019, Google has also announced the opening of its own developer forge. Stadia Games and Entertainment is set to develop exclusive titles for Stadia and is led by Jade Raymond, a gaming industry veteran who previously worked as a producer and manager at EA and Ubisoft. There is currently no information about the first projects.

In June 2019, Google published numerous vacancies for Stadia on its official job exchange. These included three positions of Director and Studio General Manager, Stadia Games / Entertainment, which indicated three locations for Google’s new developer studios: Los Angeles, Montreal and Vancouver.

This led to two conclusions: On the one hand, Google is really going all-in in game development, and on the other hand, it will take some time before the studios that are still under construction will then produce the first exclusive games.

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First Google Stadia development studio in Montreal

On October 24th, Google officially announced the opening of its first developer studio in Montreal, Canada on its blog. Stadia Games and Entertainment’s studio will produce exclusive and original games of various genres. They want to build a diverse team of developers and create new and unique game experiences.

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