LG announced Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce NOW

LG has announced that native support for Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce NOW – two of the world’s most popular gaming streaming services – will be added to its latest TVs this year. Stadia is expected to be available on the new OLED, QNED and NanoCell TVs at launch in Spring 2021, with the GeForce NOW app coming shortly.

GeForce Now is currently available on NVIDIA Shield, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS and iPadOS ( via the Safari browser ). But to date, no TV can boast native support for GeForce Now, so LG is likely to be the first to offer this feature.

Stadia support on all Google TVs

As for Stadia, Google previously promised that Stadia support would appear on all Google TVs in the first half of 2021. It is quite logical to assume that it will also be on the recently introduced Sony Bravia TVs , since all 2021 models will run Google TV.

Returning to LG TVs, just the other day the manufacturer announced a major update to the webOS 6.0 platform and, judging by theĀ  small print in the footnotes of the recent press release text, the Stadia service will become available on last year’s models with webOS 5.0 later this year. Whether support for GeForce Now is planned on previously released LG TVs is unclear.

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