The best exclusive Nintendo Switch games

Whether you’re battling Fire Emblem: Three Houses or collecting Pokemon in Sword & Shield’s Galar region, great games have been released this year that were unique to the Nintendo Switch.

Let’s see the best exclusives of the hybrid console.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem is finally back in our living rooms with the Nintendo Switch and is better than ever.

Nintendo Switch games

With a huge and open base hub to explore, new ways to change the course of the battle with your team and a story as tough as the decisions you have to make, Three Houses has more content than any other addition to the series up to now.

Pokemon Sword & Shield

For years, fans dreamed of having a basic Pokemon addition to the consoles and the Pokemon Sword and Shield was a dream come true. Given that the Switch is a hybrid console, you can have this experience outside the home. This perfect mix of old and new fits in, because expanding and improving on the known is exactly what GameFreak does in the Galar region. With Max Raid Battles, Poke Jobs and more motivated players, the experience becomes even more enjoyable.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Full of horror and fun, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has improved in every way, making it popular with the public and a great introduction for new players. From oversized watermelons to ghost ships, this haunted hotel is full of surprises and variety on every floor, now that things are not limited to the aesthetics of the “haunted house”. Battle is no longer a waiting game, thanks to the Slam and Burst ability, which gives you more power than ever.

This is a title that you should all try.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 lets everyone become game designers. It is more than just a great tool box, it allows you to build many levels. It is a wonderful game in itself, with over 100 new levels.

Add to that the fact that it teaches you the basics of game design and its philosophy and turns it into a great experience on the Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Even before the release of the Nintendo Switch, people were wondering if new games would come to the console. But Grezzo was already preparing the surprise, and brought a remake of Link’s Awakening to the hybrid console. The new Link’s Awakening knows what to leave alone and what to add and does it perfectly.

The result is a kind of time travel. A game that plays like in 1993, but seems to belong to 2020.

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