What internet speed Require for Online Streaming Games

Online Streaming Games – Providers and operators are offering ever higher connection speeds, sometimes promising up to 1 Gbps. Considering that we are increasingly working and having fun in streaming mode, in which information is transmitted in real time from remote servers to the user’s device, the higher the speed, the better.

But is it worth it in practice to strive for maximum figures, because for them it is necessary to pay the corresponding amounts.

Why speed matters

The modern internet is quite “heavy”, according to Http archive, the average web page size in 2019 was 4MB. Whereas in 2017 it was 3 MB, and in 2014 it was 1.6 MB. Some sites, for example, Facebook, are “bloated” to tens of megabytes.

In addition, multimedia content (video, animated pictures) is gaining popularity and it is more pleasant to watch it in a higher resolution. For example, YouTube offers users a choice of resolution from 144p to 2160p. A small, by modern standards, 480p resolution is best, according to YouTube recommendations, to be played on an Internet channel from 0.5 Mbps to 2 Mbps.

The increase in Internet bandwidth, usually measured today in megabits per second (Mbps), means less time wasted downloading content. Also, the higher speed allows more reliability in the transmission of information.

Online Streaming Games

Providers beckon with megabits

Ukrainian providers offer users tariffs with different speeds. Small regional operators provide access at speeds of up to 40 Mbps or 60 Mbps, most often for users in the private sector.

Large providers in urban areas of high-rise buildings have made a standard connection at a speed of 100 Mbps, laying fibre optic to each house. However, some have gone further and attract users with numbers of 250, 500 and even 1000 Mbps (aka 1 Gbps).

The difference in the price of Internet tariffs of 100 Mbit / s and 500 Mbit / s for one provider can be almost threefold. For example, Volia offers 100 Mbps for 75 UAH / month, and 500 Mbps – for 210 UAH / month:

The Lanet provider sells 500 Mbit / s for 257 UAH / month, and the speed of 200 Mbit / s will cost 177 UAH / month:

The operator Bilink will connect users at 50 Mbit / s for 125 UAH / month and at 300 Mbit / s for 175 UAH. At the same time, in the latter case, users still get access to Internet resources located in Ukraine at a speed of 1000 Mbps:

How many megabits do you really need?

If the Internet channel is planned to be used mainly for home consumption of content, for example, watching online videos, downloading large files, visiting social networks, online games, and then you can get by with an available Internet channel at the level of 100 Mbit / s.

For example, Netflix recommends 5 Mbps or more for 720p video. To watch videos in the highest quality available on YouTube, 4K is enough for 20 Mbps. Suitable for most gadgets, 1080p requires 5 Mbps.

Online and streaming games also require tens of megabits. For example, the streaming gaming service Google Stadia, in order to provide streaming of games in 60fps 4K quality, you need to have an Internet channel of at least 35 Mbps. Lower quality 1080p and 60fps requires a minimum of 20 Mbps, while 720p 60fps requires 10 Mbps.

If several people use the Internet channel, then their total consumption must be taken into account. For example, a family of three can simultaneously watch YouTube videos in the best quality (4K) and will use, as a first approximation, 60-70 Mbps. Read more https://www.goglestadiapc.com/lg-announced-google-stadia-and-nvidia-geforce-now/

Don’t forget about a Wi-Fi router – Online Streaming Games

Your ISP can deliver an honest 100 Mbps, but this figure can often be achieved only by connecting the cable to the gadget.

Today, most often, the Internet in rooms is provided by wireless Wi-Fi, which has many limitations. For example, close to maximum speed can be expected with a good signal and one connected compatible gadget.

Routers that support Wi-Fi n (theoretical 150 Mbps at 2.4 GHz) are also cheap today, making them a popular choice. In practice, you can get about 100 Mbps in good conditions due to the influence of neighbouring routers, walls and other interference.

However, even this speed will be unattainable if a gadget with Wi-Fi g (theoretical 54 Mbps) is connected to the router. The router will be forced to reduce the speed to the slowest device connected to it and, taking into account other interference, the real speed will be at the level of 20 Mbps. This is sufficient for content consumption, however, for online games it is better to use a wired connection.

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